Artist Statement

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Selfie 2021. Pastel on Paper

While working in business, the post-secondary sector and association management I began playing with water colours and graphite. After initial frustration with pastels, in 2012 I discovered how I could use them to get more satisfying results.

In the 21st Century much of life moves along at click speed and on multiple channels. I started painting as a counter-point to this situaltionally-induced attention deficit disorder. Painting is a way to focus my mind.I'm inspired by life in general. I capture every-day images and then uncover what drew my attention.

Why do most of my paintings have black backgrounds?  The universal backdrop is black. We 'see' objects when light is reflected off, or absorbed by, surfaces. 


I strive to create images with a singular focus - something that will catch your eye and cause it to stop and let the mind pause.

As pastel paintings share the stage with acrylics, oils, photography, etc. it seems reasonable to adapt techniques, which is challenging and rewarding. Check out the gallery page to see selected works, including some interesting experiments.

                                                                           Lesley Tannen