Artist Statement

Selfie 2022. Pastel on Paper

Black version

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Although I did take some art classes in school and afterwards, I started in earnest after hearing a terrible story on the radio in September 2001. I turned off the radio, went to a local bookstore and picked a copy of "Watercolours in a Weekend" thinking - start now, who knows what lies ahead?

Since then I've tried watercolours, acrylics, graphite, oils, casein and pastels, all on a range of supports: paper, canvas and wood panels. I've made a big deal about working on black ground, feeling that is more evocative, while also puttering with white (which feels more illustrative}.

Given all this, I hope you will still travel with me as I change things up - more mixed media, with pastels still in the mix, while staying with smaller works.

Sometimes, one of the challenging tasks after finishing a work is to stand back and put a title to it. While it might resonate with the artist at the moment, and perhaps some viewers, it could be off-putting to others.

 I'll use a number (which I have always used anyway) and describe the medium and size. But why don't I leave the titles up to you?


                                                                                               Lesley Tannen